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The beauty is in the process, and the process is always by design.

Our mission is to find efficiencies in processes and technologies, to always recognize questionable situations as learning opportunities, and to turn those opportunities into solutions we can share with our community.

Designing a life full of day dreams is a beautiful way to live. In 2020, our year for clarity, let’s create visions of the future and then make these day dreams come true under the umbrella of our chSolutions. To learn more about us and the solutions we can offer, browse the links above and let us know how we can help you

Show us your roadblocks and we’ll show you opportunities for growth and learning…let’s live artfully!

Identifying opportunities within our community to optimize efficiencies and create synergies from life’s learning opportunities is invigorating!

Some call it manifesting; we call it living artfully.

Connect with us to effect change together, united, we stand…
...feel free to be as vague or specific as you're comfortable sharing...
we'll use your preferred method of communication
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Help us effect change in one of these areas…

Digital Strategy– Creating community communication channels during COVID-19’s quarantine

Mammo Month – early detection is crucial in determining treatment options

MOLDGATE – what went wrong???

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Let’s Effect Change in America

What if we can effect change one statistic at a time?

We can and we will, for the future of our country…we must, for our children.

what if all we need is love and old friendsthanks, ups

Let’s chat affirmations, agility, algebra, and alliterations

Agility – Find agile solutions to help our communities and business owners grow in a healthy and sustainable manner, one that will allow us to create the opportunities the next generation will need to succeed. IG @unitedproblemsolvers

Belief – Believing that we are responsible to make positive changes in the world around us and knowing that creativity and innovation are vital to success and growth in 2020, I’m committed to effect change in as many lives as possible this year.

Commitment – I commit to concise and considerate communications; as these are the keys to kindness. Staying constructively dissatisfied with the state of communications in this country and abroad will keep us hopeful that one day our world will achieve peace.

Data – Documenting, or even just identifying, core business processes and your proprietary data for the purpose of supporting and enhancing them is essential to success, in all settings: work, home, family, finances, personally, and in relationships.

Invoicing Issues? Are you looking for a creative, innovative way to handle your invoicing? We offer business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) invoicing, automated and customized to your business needs.

America needs software solutions to our vast array of opportunities to problem-solve!

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Living Life Artfully…with love, chs


Hypothesis: Statute 27-1001 has not “provided Maryland’s insurance consumers with an important consumer protection, which serves to encourage insurance companies to value and adjust claims in a fair and timely manner.” Valuation disputes are not mandatory, as the 2008 report to the General Assembly indicates. Some can be avoided with clear, concise, and considerate communication. …

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...feel free to be as vague or specific as you're comfortable sharing...
we'll use your preferred method of communication
we look forward to connecting with you...

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