A Call to Action…with love, chs

Statistics prove that:

  1. Earlier detection of cancer leaves us more treatment options.
  2. Earlier detection of mold leaves us more remediation options.
  3. Maryland residents are not safe from insurers; speak now or forever lose our peace.

How can you effect change now that you have this information?

Sign up for a Mammo Month Event

We gathered some ladies from our community to have their mammograms done as a family.

They enjoyed the event and the local Breast Health Center enjoyed hosting; they even provided coffee and snacks for the group.

Five members of one family decided to turn this formerly-dreaded event into a fun experience, each leaving on cloud 9 after a morning with the beloved family.

Meet the family who made a breast cancer survivor’s dream come true when Mammo Month became a thing!

For the cost of a box of donuts and some coordination efforts, this family participated in our first of many Mammo Month events in 2020!

Contact us below and we’ll contact you to let you know when an event will be scheduled in your area

Submit the form below to learn how to effect change in your home state. We have contacts in nearly every state to help you advocate for change in America’s statistics.

When one American stands up, they take a stand for everyone and effecting change is easier when we do it together.

chSolutions is taking a stand. Will you stand with us? Let’s stay healthy together!

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