Statute 27-1001 has not “provided Maryland’s insurance consumers with an important consumer protection, which serves to encourage insurance companies to value and adjust claims in a fair and timely manner.”

Valuation disputes are not mandatory, as the 2008 report to the General Assembly indicates. Some can be avoided with clear, concise, and considerate communication.

Statute 27-1001 does not provide “strong deterrence against insurance companies making offers below policy limits when the damages incurred clearly meet or exceed those limits.”

Decision Rendered: Per the Maryland Insurance Administration, Nationwide Insurance acted in GOOD FAITH

Given the difficulty had during the course of this claim and complaint, there’s strong reason to believe that the insurers are not being held accountable to act in good faith in Maryland.

Nationwide’s reluctance to resolve this issue in a timely manner lent way to the idea that they are not being held accountable to handle customer’s claims with care.
The law gives the MIA 90 days from the day a complaint is filed to render a decision. …within the statutory time frame…2009…but then, in 2016, we start seeing this default decision mentioned.

Who would benefit from a default decision on behalf of the insurance company?
The statute gives the administration 90 days from the day a complaint is filed to render a decision…”it must”. If…not within time period specified it shall be considered a determination that the insurer did not breach any obligation to the insured…but why???

But wait, there’s more…

Did Nationwide provide “each pertinent communication” to allow for the “reconstruction of the claim“? Or did they intentionally withhold information?

See Statute 27-1001 below to learn what the insurer is obligated to provide for the purpose of reconstructing the events of the claim.
…must file a complaint with the Administration…basis of written record…must contain five findings…section 27-1001…

The MIA has definitely gone MIA when it comes to effective and efficient communication. Let’s review some examples…

…appears egregious…Nathan had our binder full of the evidence disputed everything Nationwide put in their November 3rd letter…and then it was closed by the Rapid Response Unit. We’ve since learned that’s standard process, so more investigation is needed into this situation.

Perhaps someone can convince RRU and P&C to improve on their processes to ensure the materials provide adequately explain that rights are being given up by being allowed to be shuffled into the Rapid Response Unit.

Here’s an example of Nationwide’s Noise infiltrating the state of Maryland’s complaint logs, logs that you would expect to be a representation of facts, not myths.

They deflected from the facts like a power hungry group of teenage bullies who couldn’t risk coming down on the wrong side of the insurers.

It’s been documented since December 6, 2019 that the MIA refused to ask for those ALEs on the homeowner’s behalf. Nationwide paid these ALE’s on January 3rd, day 277, with no help from the MIA.

Research Required 03.22.2020 what protocol did the MIA follow when they closed this complaint with no resolution? When they incorrectly noted that the H.O. asked for cruise reimbursement instead of the owed ALEs? What corrective action does a H.O. have when the state of Maryland documents the complaint notes incorrectly? H.O.s don’t even see these notes unless they submit a Public Information Act request, so they don’t even know what’s being put in their complaint notes, which evidence is being shared or hidden.

The MIAs rumor mill is producing some serious output; if only their staff were as competent at doing their real jobs…protecting Maryland constituents.

Dear Governor Hogan, while performing our investigation for this homeowner, attempting to regain their lives back from this crisis, we’ve stumbled across some severe violations at the Maryland Insurance Administration. You’re busy, so we’ll chat with some fellow Maryland residents and get back to you with our findings, to be continued…

Garbage in, garbage out; every good IT team knows that!

Trust is the union of intelligence and integrity


The Maryland Insurance Administration rendered their decision on day 306 of this crisis. That’s a very long time…

Per statute 27-1001, Nationwide withheld pertinent information that should have been supplied within 30 days from October 2019.

copies not sent the MIA – violation 1

copies not sent to the insured – violation 2

“A problem well-stated,” Mr. Kettering, VP of GM, explains, “is a problem half-solved.” America, we’re half-way there; this problem has been well-documented by even the top lawyers in the country.

Let’s keep researching solution options while the state of Maryland investigates…daydreaming Business Systems Analyst style…

Statute 27-1001

Some input from a Maryland legal team at William and Zois

…demonstrate repeated attempts to simply deny the claim rather than to evaluate the claim for settlement purposes…
…failure on the carriers part to give adequate consideration to what you provided in support of you claim…500 pages…
.,.must testify at trial…fair…good faith…or is it…bad faith…
…wasting your time…let’s effect change…


Problem-solving health and home concerns on our journey through life’s loop-di-swoops…

It appears a version of this story has already been told by

…not only unethical, it is stealing…
Baffled…they fight every case hard…bad faith
Never…deserved to be called a liar on the stand.
I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to effect change in this area before now. America’s statistics may help us gain some rights back from these corporate giants.
Most people expect good faith; good people expect good faith.
Would NEVER have happened if the state of Maryland enforced Statute 27-1001, Governor Hogan.

To the team at The National Trial Lawyers, thank you for putting the severity of this issue into perspective…we, the people, are more than statistics. There’s a face and a family behind every one of these ugly stats.

This is an issue of national security because Americans, many of us, are unsafe right now because corporate oligarchies are oppressing us, making decisions on our behalf, and uprooting our lives.

They’re allowed to do this because the lawmakers that we elected to protect us are not doing their jobs. We are unsafe and it’s because of the laws implemented for no reason other than the corporate oligarchies have too much political influence.

A prime example of this is the recent lawsuit against the Pentagon by Amazon and declares “unmistakeable bias”

Should homeowners have to beg their insurance companies to finish settling their claim? That’s the question we’re left with at the conclusion of this lengthy analysis. Something’s broken if Americans must supply 2 years of financial data in exchange for any settlement offer…and that’s not even taking into consideration the fairness of said offer.

Please note that Statute 27-1001 says that the MIA is legally required to provide a response within 90 days, and continues to report to the General Assembly as recently as December 2019 that they are meeting that requirement; citing COVID-19 as the reason for missing this complaint’s 90-day deadline…even though…

Frederic Biggs was prepared to offer yet another extension to this insurer in March 2020. Did that extension have anything to do with COVID-19? Or was thats punishment for the homeowner following up for a status and to request completion of the investigation prior to April 1, 2020? Or punishment for the homeowners being unwilling to provide additional documentation that their insurer should have provided within 30 days of October, November, and December’s requests from the Maryland Insurance Administration?

So many questions, so few answers…except that this was all done in good faith...#orisit

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