Meet us…

Our mission is simple: be servants to our communities and to our country, enriching the lives of everyone we come in contact with. We’re problem solvers with an insatiable desire to live life with a continuous dissatisfaction, a constructive dissatisfaction.

With lesson-based learning on our minds, we’re jumping in feet first to meet the needs of our community! We believe our community can solve any problem. America’s IT teams know that …

A problem well-stated is a problem half-solved.

Charles Kettering

Let’s problem-solve…and turn those solutions into opportunities for learning, loving, laughing, and growing.

Merriam Webster explains the definition of the American Dream as a happy way of living that is thought of by many Americans as something that can be achieved by anyone in the United States, especially by working hard and becoming successful. We can appreciate that definition because it’s founded on a hard work ethic, which means success is only as far away as good work ethic.

Merriam Webster is an arsenal of facts and one of our favorite places to start dreaming…

Courtney Bublitz, Financial Education Counselor, and Melissa Guessford, Business Systems Analyst
behind the scenes at a Tedx event sponsored by A Better Delaware in February 2020.

Success is relative and variable, of course; which means that we can achieve our own level of success by determining our own work ethic. Simple enough…

if we work hard, then we can achieve the American Dream…we’re all in!!!

Since Americans love hard work, it stands to reason that in America we can dream big because success is just a day’s work away.

Today’s learning, laughing, and loving will be tomorrow’s platform for growth, a diving board to help us jump a little higher tomorrow.

If you don’t invest in the long term, you’re actually sowing the seed of destruction. There are times in history when you must speak up and do the right thing.

Ruth Porat

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