Built Guessford Tough

Jeffrey Neal Guessford is the king of tough, his passion is contagious, and his love is unconditional.

He helped me turn life’s decisions into actionable information and build the business of my daydreams. He loved me through the hard days and he carried me through the impossible ones.

Here’s what I daydream about, my husband, my hero, and my biggest fan. This man not only loved me through cancer, he created a pep rally of love and support, gathering everyone … work family, bio family, the staff at every doctor’s office and local store we visited.

He created a team and their love lifted me…

He showed me off like a rock star when, in actuality, he’s the rock star. He calmed me when crisis shook me to the core. He sang about my bald head and he laughed us through every chemo treatment.

The man is literally a healing force when I’m broken. His energy is magic…legal disclaimer: magic for me and only me…

He’s my Valentine, and because of him every day is Valentine’s Day. Thanks, Jeffrey, for loving me through it. Your love lifted me and guess what…we survived #moldgate

…the house won’t fall if the bones are good…

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