Inspiration, Innovation, and Invoicing!

I require my financial information presented in a way that helps me make informed decisions.

Business Requirement #1
thanks Sigron G, for the motivation…

Did you know that Microsoft offers free Invoice templates that can be customized to your business needs. Do you sell products and services? These robust templates can handle both, streamlining your invoicing process.

Here’s a sample Invoice created in 10 minutes with one of their user-friendly templates. We can help you create the template that works best with your needs, then implement a standard process to streamline your invoicing so you can focus on dreaming BIG!

To show how easy it was, I saved my new invoice and uploaded it to this website in real-time. That means real-time invoice batching and distribution, whenever and wherever you choose.

Invoicing doesn’t have to be stressful, let us help.

Visit us on Microsoft Monday (IG @withlovechs) to create your own invoice templates…make your life a work of art…live artfully with us…

Process + Data + Business Intelligence = Intelligent Data

Process: the American dream…one day dream at a time…
Data Intelligence, Data Science, and Deliverables –> People make mistakes; computers reveal truth.

Let’s pull America out of it’s financial crisis, by adding color to some of life’s opportunities.

Let’s start with our great state of Maryland!

Inspiration is the key to innovation, and Invoicing allows us to pursue the opportunity…so let’s invoice for our state’s

3rd Party Linguistics and Logistics services…

This page is dedicated to Kim Kohler and Jeannie Dunk for sharing their answers and helping me find my passion, enjoying the beauty of the process. Thank you for allowing me to work artfully.

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