Mom and Dad’s Headstone

Version 7 – October 21, 2020

DEADLINE MISSED. Stone delivery expected week 48 (Nov 23-27th). Version 7 is not a printable design. I’ve asked that Mike proof any further designs before they’re sent to the family. This project is too emotional for us to keep receiving such failures. Quality work only seems to be a priority for Mike; therefore, going forward, we’ll only deal with Mike. This should help us bring this design problem to resolution more promptly, fingers crossed. Sorry for the delay, everyone. As soon as the stone is delivered, Mike promised to start work and that it will go quickly.

Version 6

Requesting 4 cleaned up and ready to move on prints: versions 6a, 6b, 6c, and 6d. Our family will make a decision from these 4 options.

The above picture has the layout we’re requesting. Note that dad’s crosses needed to be added back to the design and “mommy loves you” will be the version you’re already using (it just didn’t print properly). Notice the framing around the pictures is gone and this more natural look is what we’re requesting. Also, the hummingbirds have been redesigned because we’re not in love with them yet.

The yellow sunbeams represent the sunbeams that we want you to lift from Family Picture 2020 (will send via email for best quality) and place in this corner.

Version 6a – the above layout
Version 6b – 6a + hide hummingbirds
Version 6c – 6a + hide sunbeams
Version 6d – 6a + hide sunbeams and hummingbirds

Version 5

Version 5.5
Pictures are not aligned and they aren’t making the most of the space.
There’s a large bottom margin and small top margin.
Dwighty’s name is overlapping her DOB.
Still not sold on the hummingbirds, although they do look better than before.
Version 5 (ours)
This is the one I mocked up and submitted; it’s version 3 made to be more aesthetically pleasing. This still has the unnecessary oval around the pictures.

Version 4

Version 4 – Option 2

Version 3

Version 3 – Option 1

Version 2

Version 2


Would you save a copy of this and remove Angela’s information please? We’re considering purchasing a separate stone for Angela. Any suggestions for that space?
Also, the pictures of my parents, can they be an oval instead of a circle? Since we have two full body pictures, we’d like to see what the full pictures look like on the stone.
And one more thing, after you take Angela off, can you make another copy and put the rings where they were originally, please? It’s fine that they can’t be painted. Please center them (they were off center last time and I forgot to mention it).
As you can probably notice, I’m hoping to give the family some options this time so we can finalize this decision quickly. If you have other suggestions to help me make this our last review, please let me know.
Can I get files that I can print at Staples in our size, 18”x48”? The forever factor is intimidating and we want to know we’re doing our due diligence to make this perfect for mom and dad.

Version 1

Version 1
Initial draft