Moldgate Analysis

After 309 days, this issue is resolved: the state of Maryland has decided that Nationwide acted appropriately during the course of this claim.

The farther you look back, the farther you can look ahead.

Henry Ford

Date of Loss: 5/26/2019

End Date: March 30, 2020, day 309

Maryland Insurance Administration confirmed this is their standard process; homeowner’s are unsafe, in our opinion.

Day 309 since this home and health crisis began

Day 154 with the Maryland Insurance Administration*

Day 143 since the state of Maryland had evidence of perjury, documented the egregious findings in the complaint long, and then hid it.

Day 109 since Frederic Biggs with the MIA asked Nationwide to answer the homeowner’s protocol questions (December 12, 2019)

Can this homeowner expect a fair and thorough investigation from the Maryland Insurance Administration? If no, Governor Hogan and every representative for the great state of Maryland, after they’re finished keeping the state safe from COVID-19.

How many more people are in the same situation? How many of them gave up because the state of Maryland is unwilling to help?

*Submission to the Maryland Insurance Administration is required before a homeowner can file charges against an insurer, per Statute 27-1001…154 days later.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Rapid Response Unit has the authority to close complaints with no decision.
  2. Do homeowners know that by opting in this voluntary program they give up their right to a decision, and possibly, a fair and thorough investigation?